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SOULMATES: Named Best of Festival, Berkeley Film Festival.

What if you were pronounced dead,
only to wake up and find your whole life is a lie?

SOULMATES, a true story, recounts the emotional journey of Eddie, who, in the wake of a near-fatal car accident, begins working towards self-acceptance as well as self-fulfillment once he realizes there is someone else inside struggling to come out. Sandy, his wife, loves him devoutly, but she must undergo her own emotional and spiritual transformation if their relationship is to survive.

They love each other passionately and desperately wish to stay together; however, both of them face physical and psychological obstacles that are emotionally wrenching at best, and life-threatening at worst.

How far must they go, and do they have the courage to go that far? Are they strong enough to hold on and support each other, as the inner self, as well as the outer self, is transformed?

SOULMATES was written and directed by Joan Sugerman, who also wrote and directed the romantic fable, SLEEPING BEAUTY, which screened in the market at Cannes and the Kennedy Center. She has written, produced and directed award winning shorts for Public Broadcasting and AT&T that have won the CINE Golden Eagle Award, the Columbus Film Festival Chris Award and the Virgin Islands Film Festival Gold and Bronze Awards.

The Executive Producers are Francis O'Brien and Andrew Sugerman. Francis OƕBrien, former Senior Vice President of Paramount, worked with Warren Beatty on the Academy Award winning REDS, and marketed some of the top grossing films of all times including GREASE, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, and HEAVEN CAN WAIT. He was Executive Producer of the hit GALLIPOLI and President of R&R Films for Rupert Murdoch and Robert Stigwood. Andrew Sugerman produced BOAT TRIP with Roger Moore and Cuba Gooding Jr., UNDISPUTED for Miramax with Wesley Snipes, SHOPGIRL with Steve Martin, and PROZAC NATION with Christina Ricci and Jessica Lange.

SOULMATES was shot in Washington, DC on High Definition video edited on Final Cut Pro. The picture's Motion computer graphic introduction sequence was screened on Apple's website. ( ).



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